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Tata Power to implement solar project from Kerala State Electricity Board

On 2nd July 2021, Tata Power gained a ₹400 crore worth contract from KSEB. The project is to build 84 MW solar rooftop for domestic consumers all over Kerala. The company said that as a part of the contract, they will execute project of 80 MW for households having solar capacity of 3kW – 10kW. Also, 20 MW for residencies or housing societies with solar capacity 11kW – 100kW.

On February 2021, KSEB announced a bid under SOURA subsidy scheme, Kerala. This was also in compliance with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy’s Phase II Subsidy Programme. Tata Power won this bid and got a contract of ₹400 crore. The project has to be authorized in three months from an order from individual domestic customers.

Besides this project, there was another event as a connection between KSEB and Tata power. On 6th January, 2021, KSEB honored the company with a letter of award for  developing a project to generate 274 MU of energy per year. Additionally, they said that on the completion of this rooftop project, they expect to develop 120 MU of energy yearly. They also said that they expect to annually offset approximately 100 Million Kg of CO2

Furthermore, Tata Power said that they are happy to get a contract with KSEB. Also, they are proud to support domestic consumers to develop green energy. “This project is testament to KSEBL’s trust in our commitment to drive India’s transition towards Clean Power through solar rooftop”, said Dr. Praveer Sinha, CEO & MD, Tata Power.

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