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Things to remember while investing through Smallcase

Small Technologies is introducing several ways for present investors to select from a collection of stocks that are executively customized. Let’s discuss the various things to remember while investing in Smallcase.

Presently, the company has collaborated with 7 brokerages including HDFC Securities, Zerodha, 5paisa, Kotak Securities, Axis Securities and Edelweiss. These brokers are offering this platform after the collaboration.


Through smallcase, you can buy and sell tradable securities according to the predetermined combinations. Use the following steps to work with the platform:

  • Visit smallcase website . Click login with the credentials provided by your broker.
  • After logging in, select from Smart beta, All Weather, bargain buys out of others.
  • Now, you will be able to find the stocks that form the portfolio, basis behind inclusion and proportion.
  • You can modify the smallcase by removing or adding stocks.
  • Some brokers offer arranged smallcases while some allows you to design you own customized smallcases.
  • After the selection, payment gateway appears. The weight and price of the individual stocks will dictate the minimum amount you should pay.
  • The broker platform will set buy orders for stocks, once the payment is complete. This immediately executes based on the liquidity.
  • If any orders are not fulfilled due to illiquidity, you can go back to ‘repair’ the order. Afterwards, a fresh order is placed.


  • Weather Investing and Smart Beta Smallcases: ₹ 50+GST.
  • Others( sectoral/ thematic/ model-based, equity and gold): ₹ 100+GST.

These are the one-time fee. No extra charges applies to any further order for the same smallcase. But for every order, buying and selling stocks deducts regular brokerage charges and other charges.


  • There is no extra investment fee for smallcases. You only need to pay brokerages.
  • Investment in smallcase keeps shares in your demat account whereas mutual fund investment gets you fund units. Therefore, you will get tax free dividend in your bank account directly.
  • Rather than investing in stocks on the basis of market capitalization, smallcase allows you to invest on ideas.
  • You can do real-time tracking of investments during market hours. Adequate liquidity, being one of the parameters in smallcases, promotes quicker redemptions.

These are some of the things to remember while investing in Smallcase. It might be quite unsuitable for the beginners to use smallcase. This is because he or she might not be able to find out the risks related to the product. So, it is wise to discuss with a financial advisor before going for this product.

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