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What is IoT – IoT and it’s applications

What is IoT – IoT and it’s applications

Internet of Things or IoT is a network of devices connected through the internet. These devices communicate with each other without any type of human interference. Any device in the network can share data within the network and can also control other devices in the network.

A simple example for an IoT device is a smart bulb. Another example is a smartwatch connected to the smartphone.

IoT devices can be as silly as a play toy or as evolving as a driverless car. Furthermore, as the amount of IoT devices increase, the area of implementation also increases. Gradually, we could look forward to a future where a fully connected city and its devices work on its own.


One of the most used search in google is “What is IoT – IoT and it’s applications?” – As we are aware, IoT certainly can make our lives easier. There are various IoT devices around us currently. One of the best implementation of IoT is the fitness watch that is capable of reading our heartrate. This can notice our emergency contacts in case of emergencies. Furthermore, it sends a weekly report to our doctor.

Not long ago, we have started seeing self-driving cars hit the roads. These contains a complex group of sensors which send and receive data for the purpose of navigation.


Normally, there are three important building blocks in IoT.

  • A device that is capable of analyzing and sending the data.
  • Another device which is capable of receiving and reading the data.
  • And a device that executes the commands regarding the data.

Consider it as a huge web in which each thread is a device that connects the center via a network.

  • The sent data breaks into pieces and every devices on the web reads the information.
  • If a device matches the information as relevant to its instruction set, executes the command.


We know that the Internet is not a safe place now a days. This is a phase where it is essential to have firewall and antivirus on our system. While considering about the IoT and it’s applications many factors need to be considered.

Once a hacker hacks a system, it is easy for him to access the files in all the systems connected to the hacked system over the network. A single hole in the system security can help the hackers achieve their motive.

Where there is technology, there is always people who tries to use it for their needs; best or worst.


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